Pāda Sneha – (sanskrit for Foot Love) 60ml


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60ml Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle w Dropper $25.00

This delicious blend of oils soak easy into the feet for deep healing. Inspired by the principles of Ayurveda (the sister-science of yoga) Pāda Sneha is used for abyhanga. Abyhanga is the loving application of oils to the skin and self massage. This blend is particularly designed to sooth sore, dry or tired feet. The practice of Abyhanga is an excellent tool for grounding the spirit and soothing the nervous system.
Suggested uses: Grief Management – Anxiety symptoms – dry feet – sore feet – self care routines – healthy nail beds-  healthy feet – healthy skin – aromatherapy
Details:  a proprietary blend of organic nut oils and essential oils with lavender notes. All organic. Not for consumption. Made for the feet but can be applied all over the body.


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