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Michél (pronounced Michael) Apothecary offers fine self-care products that blend the age old science of Ayurveda with Angelic resonance energy. Our symbol, the cicada, reminds us that we are transformational beings- always growing, ever-changing. Our intention is to uplift and inspire.


Our Story 

The first products of Michél Apothecary were designed ground, soothe and comfort.  In 2011 the founder, Michele Smith, lost her brother after a heroic year-long battle against a surprise diagnosis of terminal brain cancer. The exhaustion of cross-country caretaking and the heartbreak of loss left Michele swirling with anxiety and foreign sensations of grief.

Meditation and a regular Restorative Yoga practice helped settle her mind, a little each day.  She experienced 21-Day Panchakarma retreat with an expert Ayurvedic consultant. The 21 days were filled with nutrition and self-care techniques that utilized herbal medicated oils. By the end of this intensive, her anxiety lessoned and she felt a shift towards balance. Over time she formulated at home rituals to help her maintain that sense of calm. In particular, her daily practices of Pāda Sneha and SOAK keep her grounded. The magnesium and other salts absorbed from SOAK are useful for sleep and replenishing salts depleted during stressful times. Another tragic loss in 2015 became an opportunity to use the products fully and continue to refine formulation and purpose.  The pleasant aromas are mood lifting and inspiring. The product line has evolved to add more self-care products and enjoyable rituals.

Our Cigal: The Cicada

In 2017 early one morning, Michele was in her garden, weeding and meditating with the sun rise. A perfect time of day to connect with the powerfully healing energy of Archangel Michael, for whom the product line is named after and honors. In the preceding days she kept noticing exoskeletons around her garden. She thought it was a beetle but was informed that they were from cicadas. After researching cicadas, she learned that these insects dwell underground for 13-17 years. They emerge en mass and screech loudly their arrival into the light. They shed their protective layers and some debut beautiful, bright, jewel-toned wings. They mate, reproduce and live out the rest of their natural lives as an embodiment of transformation.
This is a metaphor for the emergence out of a cycle of depletion and into a time of unabashed, self-expressed beauty.

The cicada is a popular symbol of Provence, where some of the lavender for our recipes is sourced. The energetic ley line of St. Michel in France passes through Provence. In 2019 Michele will be leading a spiritual retreat touring key sites along the British and French St. Michel ley lines, including Mount St. Michel. Currently there are plans to repeat a favorite walking and yoga retreat on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, summer of 2018. Participants are gifted a generous supply of self-care products to enhance their experience of pilgrimage. Join us!


Useful links:

  • A portion of all sales benefit The Life Center. This grief counseling center specializes in offering emotional wellbeing education and therapy to those who have experienced grief, trauma, and loss.
  • The Manifest Station contains many beautiful essays and stories related to grief and transformation. It’s founder Jen Pastiloff’s workshops and retreats are incredibly healing and fun.





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